Finishing up album

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Just putting the finishing touches on the new album. Look for the new album, currently untitled, in December!

I will follow and Annie rose

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Just got back from the studio. I put down some vocal tracks for two new songs on the upcoming album; Annie Rose and I Will Follow. Stay tuned!

Thanks to our friends at KSYM 90.1 for all the recent airplay

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9 songs

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The recording of my new, yet to be titled, album is coming along great. It will have 9 songs with influences ranging from folk to soul to blues. We have drums, bass, and most of my rhythm tracks down. Stay tuned!

In the studio this weekend

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Laying down some drums and bass this weekend on a few songs. Looking forward to it!

Working on New Album

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I am happy to say that I am working on a new album which I hope to release in the spring of 2016. I am starting  pre production and as of now there will be 11 tracks. Stay tuned for updates!

Maverick Music Magazine Compilation CD and Review

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Thanks to the UK’s Maverick Magazine for their kind review of my new album, Back to You, and for having my song, Ease Your Sorrow feat. Sara De La Isla , be part of the 19 track compilation CD included in the new May/June 2015  . Check it out online or in stores.

FOlker magazine

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Thanks to Folker magazine of Germany for the kind review of my new album, Back to You

Le Cri Du Coyote

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Thanks to our friends at Le Cri Du Coyote music magazine for the review of Back to You.

Review from Real Roots Cafe

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Thanks to our Dutch friends at Real Roots Cafe… for their kind review of my new album, Back to You. Much appreciated.

Real Roots Cafe

Craig Cassler, Back To You

Craig Cassler, Back To YouThere are so many singer-songwriters who completely under my musical radar learn to fly!There is nothing interesting about them to find on the Internet, except the bare fact that they all x as many CDs have made and then they turn out to be good ones … For example Craig Cassler, an EP counting is “Back To You” all his fifth ‘music baby. Very sparse with information, but the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Trees in the desert, the photographer is Monica Hoover from San Diego and in that city Craig has also recorded nine-track album, produced by Dan De La Isla. He has now been moved to Boston …

He made a late start in music during his studies he began writing lyrics and after graduation he took up the guitar. Craig finds it very important to learn as much as life lessons, which he then incorporated into his songs. In earlier material he was inspired by various genres, but this is mostly acoustic folk with some rock influences. He emphasizes his nomination and texts, expressing its feelings – in the hope that the listeners, which he carries on his musical journey, will recognize themselves in it.

The rhythmic rippling title track features a charming trumpet. On “Take My Hand” I hear a banjo. “25 Cents” is a bit too slow for my taste, but with “Whiskey Bent”, accompanied by an excellent harmonica we’re back on track. Even more reasons to drink: “Hey Mr. Bartender”. In “Three Words” we hear a full band. Driven “Cell Block Blues”, impressively constructed “New Orleans” (my favorite!) And a beautifully accompanied by cello duet “Ease Your Sorrow” already appeared on Craig’s previous album ‘What Could Be’.

A varied album, with a unique, unpredictable sound, melodic with some rough edges. I did a comparison with Jack Johnson to where I can find it in me. Craig Cassler is happiest with a guitar in his hands, tinkering with a new text: “Anytime is a good time for good music”. (Independent)

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